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Speed Airsoft Glock Gen4 Tunable BLADE Trigger Competition Edition

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SPEED Airsoft Tunable CE (Competition Edition) Triggers for the Elite Force Gen4 Glock will allow players to configure their Glock to have a much shorter and crisp trigger pull.
The SPEED Tunable CE Glock Gen4 Triggers incorporate dual set screws, which when properly tuned, allow the Glock Gen4 the ability to shoot a string of shots rapidly.  This is especially ideal in competition events, where a SPEED tuned Glock will get the first and all other shots out faster than a stock Glock.  The SPEED CE Glock Trigger pull distance is drastically reduced for a very crisp shot as it would be expected from a race airsoft pistol.

Also available are the new SPEED non-tunable Standard Glock Gen4 Triggers with incorporated safety.  The SPEED Standard Glock Gen4 Triggers are also CNC machined for a much smoother action over the stock plastic version.

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