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Redline Airsoft SFR Regulator (Super Fast Refresh) HPA

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The Redline Airsoft SFR (Super Fast Refresh) regulator is arguably one of best regulators on the market. Its efficiency on using air is quite unique compared to other companies. Shooting with some HPA engines can take up to as low as 40 PSI. This is one of the lowest PSI levels any engine can really shoot optimally. This HPA regulator comes with a tournament lock so no tampering can happen during mid game. The regulators are not only reliable but durable as well. Different tank sizes do not matter. Redline made their regulators so they will attach to any tank, and you will be able to save up as much air depending on your tank size and how much it holds. These are marketed at a great price for the quality and reliability. Pick yours up today!



  • Made from CNC aluminum and rubber
  • Comes with a attach nipple for your HPA engine
  • Integrated tournament lock allows reg to be zip-tied for no tampering
  • Safely and efficiently regulates PSI running through your engine
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